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No more declines, delays and waiting for pre-authorization. PSRx will deliver your workers comp medications tomorrow, at no cost to you during your claim.
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At PSRx, we are experts in State Workers Compensation laws concentrating in the Public Safety space. PSRx will be your liaison to ensure proper criteria are met to receive fast, reliable and discreet medical treatment. 

Our Mission


Out-of-pocket expenses for medication is costly. PSRx will cover these expenses and seek reimbursement from the insurance company on your behalf. Receive the medication you need without any unnecessary delays.

Patient Advocacy


We remove the ability for the carrier to limit and dictate care, reduce the time and hassle handling medication issues , and act as your advocate for consistent and proper care.

PSRx Patient Testimonials

  • I have been receiving my medication from PSRx for several years. My meds have always arrived to my home on time. I have never ran short of meds or had to worry about them being filled in a timely manner. They are fantastic to deal with and I would highly recommend them to anyone. I really enjoy dealing with Colleen Shields who joins our Retired Firefighters meeting to explain what and how PSRx can work for us. Thanks a million.

    William Poteet President, Anne Arundel County Retired Firefighters Assoc.
  • What makes this PSRX work is Mr. Kevin’s compassionate disposition , professionalism, and knowledge . Mr. Kevin also treats me like family always genuinely concerned about my well being and staying on top of any concerns that might arise.

    PSRx Customer
  • Public Safety Rx and Kevin McCarthy have been exceptional in taking care of the first responders. No hassle, No unwarranted questions, just good old fashion great service. Thank you for providing exceptional service to the individuals who keep our country Safe!

    Carl Dewalt PSRx Customer
  • I have used PSRx for the last couple of years and I am extremely satisfied. Whenever I’ve contacted PSRx, they have always answered my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend them to any law enforcement officer or other public service employees.

    Bruce Elliott PSRx Customer
Fast Facts

Your Rights

Fact 1

Right to choose any pharmacy.
Right to use ANY pharmacy card, Including OURS!
Right to free prescriptions related to your injury.
Right to use doctor or medical provider of choice.
Right to access the care required for recovery.

Fact 2

Insurance companies cannot dictate pharmacy choice.
You are not required by law to get authorization from adjusters.
The insurance carrier’s singular objective is Cost Containment.
Workers comp rates are lower than they have been in 25 years.

Fact 3

Remove the ability for the carrier to limit and dictate care
Reduce time and hassle handling medication issues
Be an advocate for consistent and proper care


Fast, Free Prescription Home Delivery


Your Advocate
for Proper Care

Remove the ability for the carrier to limit and dictate care
Reduce time and hassle handling medication issues
Be an advocate for consistent and proper care

Our Rx Process

Fast. Free. Discreet.

PSRx verifies patient information.

PSRx confirms the Rx.

PSRx ships Rx overnight

PSRx automatically refills Rx.


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